Category: Re-homed dogs


Banjo is a 10-year-old dog that is very sweet and calm. He walks really well on the lead and is very friendly with other dogs. Also, he is very good with people and loves children. So, Banjo is the ideal …


Yaiza is a young presa canario that walks very well on the lead, very calmly and is very obedient. She likes to be with people and loves cuddles. Yaiza gets along with other dogs, but she is better as the …


Betty is a 3-year-old girl. She is full of energy and has a very funny and happy personality. She likes to play with the ball, it’s one of her favourite things. Also, she loves to swim and is very good …


  Pedro is a male large dog, 1 year old. Good with people and other dogs May 2023

Clem & Loba

Clem and Loba are both girls Clem is around 4 years old and Loba is 2 years old. They are mum and daughter. Sadly their owner has terminal cancer and can no longer take care of them. They are around …

Vader & Rocky

Vader and Rocky are lovely friendly male brothers. They are 10 years old. Sadly they came from an owner who can no longer dedicate the time that the boys deserve. They need to be re-homed together, They are around 10kg …


Lua is a 2 years old girl. She is a Pastor Aleman Palleiro looking for a new home. sept. 22


Merel is only 5 months old and as cute as a flower. She will probably be medium in size. sept. 22


Dylan is a small, 3 year old little darling. He needs a secure house since he is not afraid of heights or jumping. sept. 22

Tayson 4

Tayson is a pointer mix of only 1,5 years. He is a very sweet boy looking for a good home. sept. 22