Some time ago now, Stichting Dierenhulp Venezuela signed an agreement with K9 Tenerife to help the homeless animals on our island.

Stichting Dierenhulp Venezuela is a Dutch Animal Foundation founded by Mark Vos in 1996 and their main working area is Venezuela in South America. During the last few years they have worked on laws that protect the street and homeless animals and started a clinic and animal shelter on Isla Margarita.

Mark Vos contacted and offered to help K9 Tenerife as one of their projects, we continue to be very grateful to Mark and his organisation.

“We know how animals live in the southern countries and the work K9 Tenerife does is great. Tenerife does not just belong to people but also to the animals that live there.

As living creatures they too have rights and we humans have to respect those rights.

We are therefore working together with K9 and we can only hope that the government sees the urgency of changes that are required since we are all just helping out to make Tenerife a great place to spend a holiday.

It is therefore important that we work together, we are all volunteers with just one aim and that is to give these animals a place to live and find new homes for them.”

K9 Tenerife have benefitted from the agreement on several occasions since then, when substantial donations have been sent to us to assist with our veterinary and food bills.

Stichting Dierenhulp Venezuela have continued to support us up to the present day, why not have a look at their website and see the fantastic work that they carry out?