There are many ways in which you can help K9 Tenerife.

Remember our strap line?

Together we can make a difference; Together we can do so much more“?

Firstly we are always looking for Volunteers to help at the Kennels (see our Volunteering page for more information). Otherwise on this page we have suggested a few things that you can consider, although there are always opportunities and new ideas to think of!

All money donated goes towards the running of K9 Tenerife, including the looking after the animals until they are rehomed, medical treatment, collars, leads, food, bedding & beds, and of course repairs to the kennels.

Please support us by visiting our K9 shop in the main square in Alcala where we have a wide range of donated items for sale.

The proceeds of these sales go towards the cost of the care of the dogs until they are rehomed. We are always in need of any unwanted, good quality items to sell. Clean clothes, books, toys & bric-a-brac are always welcome, so please search out those unwanted items, and contact the Refuge by phone on 0034 667 638 468 or email or complete the form on the right of the page.

From time to time we will have some items donated that are 'too good' for the Car Boot Sales. When this happens we will arrange a Special Auction to take place. These are usually held at one of our friendly bars and details will be publicised in the local press in advance.


As well as your unwanted items we are also in need of volunteers who can give a few hours a week to help us to sort the items that have been donated to K9 Tenerife.

In view of the location of our Local/Store it is absolutely necessary for any volunteer to have access to transport!

Do you own or operate your own venue?

Have you considered hosting an event to raise awareness and funds for the Cats and Dogs at K9 Tenerife?

Maybe you already hold a regular event that could be adapted or adopted as a K9 Tenerife Event?

Whatever you can think of, whether it is a Quiz Night or a Cabaret Evening; maybe a Race Night or a Casino type event; what about a Karaoke competition or a full blown X-Factor type of thing, we would love to hear from you!

If you need help to organise it, just let us know and we will come and see you!

If you are happy to just get on with it, please, please let us know in good time so that we can help with publicising the event with you, and of course come along on the night if we can.