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  This is Sophie, as you can see in the photos she is scared, she has come from a house where she only let one person touch her. She is now in our cattery and slowly slowly she is getting …


Kron a big gentle boy around 8 years old waiting for his forever home. mar 2021.


Sorron is a handsome medium sized male dog around 7 years old. mar, 2021.


                  Beautiful, gentle and so so sweet this is Charlie, medium to large and around 2 years old. mar 2021.


Lovely male pointer called Poi, around 5 years old. Large in size. very friendly but loves to run, has lots of energy Feb, 2021    


              Nice and friendly male dog, around 3 years old and large in size. feb 2021


Snow is a male cat. He is friendly but did come from the street. He had skin cancer on the nose and needed some skin removed. He is now living in our cattery away from the sun. Sadly he is …


Eve came as a very scared kitten from the street with a broken hip. The hip has healed, but she is still scared. But she is happy living in our cattery.  


Mirco is a chilled large pointer, he is around 5 years old. He is very calm in the kennel but loves to go for his walks. jan 2021


One2 is a very large male dog of 5 years old. He is a Cane Corsa, this is a special breed and he needs an experienced owner. He is a protective dog and does not like to be approached by …
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