Category: Re-Homed Dogs & Cats


              Cute little Pebbles is a very nice playful and fun female dog. She is still a puppy about 6 months old and will be medium to big in size. may 2021


Geronimo is a male, around 7 years old. He was rescued from the street as he had cancer on his eyes. Most of his ears had to be removed. He is a friendly boy, he needs a home away from …


Mushi is around 1,5 years old. She is a friendly cat, doesnt mind other cats, as long as they dont get to close. may 2021


            Laika is a wonderfully trusting and playful dog. She is medium to large and around 2 years old. may 2021.


              Zeus such a friendly and fun dog. He is around 1 year old and medium size. apr, 2021


              Stitch a true beauty and very friendly nature. Around 2 years old. apr, 2021


              So sweet and well behaved. Abraham male dog around 6 years old. apr 2021.


              Klaus is a male, medium/big, 5 years old. Up for adoption, come meet him at K9. apr 2021.


Tomwait, a happy and friendly dog. Male around 10 years old. mar 2021.
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