Category: Re-Homed Dogs & Cats


Tomwait, a happy and friendly dog. Male around 10 years old. mar 2021.


              Amatista is an absolute sweetheart. He is gentle and sweet with everyone. Male around 4 years old, medium to large in size. mar 2021.


Alina very friendly female medium/large sized dog, around 1 year old. mar 2021.


  Geravel around 6 years old and the sweetest boy you can find. mar, 2021.


              Otto a big, lovely and young boy. Presa canario born 2020-04. mar 2021.


              Sweet sweet Jessie is a female medium sized dog, around 4 years old. mar, 2021.


                              Meet Deli – beautiful female pointer around 4 years old. mar 2021.


                              Lila (female, 10 years old) and Lucky (male, 13 years old) are looking for a new home together. mar 2021.


              Sweet sweet girl Eloisa, podenco around 4 years old. (Eloisa to the right in the second photo) Feb, 2021


                Beautiful Ifara medium sized podenco female. Around 7 years old. Still a bit shy but an amazingly sweet dog. Ifara is to the left in the last photo. Feb, 2021
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