Category: Re-Homed Dogs & Cats


Crème is a female mix  Belgium Shepherd. She had a car accident which resulted in her losing her leg, after an operation to save her leg didn’t work. She is very lively and ok with most other dogs. She will need an owner …


Gracie is around 2 years old. She is a very friendly dog and loves to be with people. she is a medium size dog.


Rick is a male puppy around 3 months old. He is going to be a big dog, he is friendly. This photo taken May 2015  


Umbro is a mixed shepherd puppy. He is around 4 months old and will be a big adult. photos of Umbro may 2015


Mavis is female, she is around 4 months old. She is friendly and gets on with other dogs. Photo taken May 2015. Mavis is a real handful and will need some training, best suitable for an owner with experience.


Windu, male, 2-3 years +/-. He is a friendly and lively boy, medium size, ok with most dogs.  


Cuthbert is a medium-sized, mixed-breed dog, around 4 years old. He loves people and gets on well with female dogs. If taken slowly, he can be introduced to male dogs successfully. Cuthbert is a sociable boy. He is very intelligent …


Tyson is a male, 6 months old. He is very friendly and good with other dogs. He will be medium size. Photo taken May 2015


Cho is a small, mixed-breed dog, around 4 years old. He loves people and gets on well with other dogs. Cho is a sociable, happy, boy. He loves his walks and loves to be fussed over. Heartworm positive when he …


Bailey is around 2 years old. She arrived at K9 heavily pregnant and had her pups the same night. She is very friendly and loves to follow you about. Baileys pups have now been rehomed, and she is ready for …