Category: Re-Homed Dogs & Cats

Gabby & Boo

This is Gabby and Boo, small breed, 6-7 months old. Ideally we would like to home them together. They are cute and adorable, so anyone looking for 2 dogs come and visit them.


  Marina is a Podenco around 5 years old. She is very quiet and just likes to wander, sleep and have some company, but when she has the chance she also loves to run.


Travis is a male, just over a year, he came to us a puppy with his 2 siblings. they have been lucky to find homes, but poor Travis is still looking, he is a little shy on initial contact.


Muchacho is a male around 1.5 years old. He is a friendly boy and loves to play with toys.


Soldier is a female kitten around 4 weeks old. She is friendly and happy to cuddle.


Charlie is large, mix-breed dog, around 2 years old. She loves people and gets on well with other dogs. Charlie is a friendly and good-natured girl. She has lots of energy and loves running around when off lead on her …


Abraham is a male, around 6 years old. He is a gentle giant, great family companion.


  Patricia is 8 years old. She has come from a family who has fallen on hard times. She was a little shy on arrival wondering what was happening but now she is a great medium size dog.


Jeremy is a male around 1 year old. Has come from a home but there was an allergy in the family. He came in with Kyle and they need to be homed together. They are both very friendly and loveable …


Kyle is a male, around 1 year old. He came from a family that had a member with allergies. He has long hair. He came in with Jeremy and they need to be homed together. They are both very friendly and …
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