Sugar & Spice

Sugar (long hair) and Spice (short hair) are two small sized female dogs which were found wondering the streets of Garachico. At the time they were found, no one was available to help so the lady took them home to her house here in the south. Unfortunately, she was not able to keep them, so she brought them in to K9 refuge. They were both a bit nervous at first but it only took them a day to realize they were safe and were going to be well taken care of.

Sugar is 1.5 years of age, while Spice is a bit younger, with 1 year of age. They are both very happy little dogs, but it is clear they are used to life on streets and not used to walking on lead. Nevertheless they love to jump around and play with each other.

Sugar (long hair) unfortunately has a very old fracture on her back leg, which has left the muscle too short for her to use. As a result, it is constantly in her way when she tries to walk and go to the toilet. We have made the decision to amputate this leg, which we believe will make her life much more comfortable. She will undergo this surgery this coming Thursday 21st June. Both Sugar and Spice had a minor flea allergy when they arrived so have been on medication to cure this before adoption.

If you think either of these beautiful dogs would make a great companion for you, why not come and meet them? or contact us for more information.

JUNE 2018



Spice reserved 🙂

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