Urgent: Ringo- Lost

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Ringo has gone missing in Los Cristianos between the motorway and the road going from Los Cristianos to Guaza. He was in a foster home recovering after having an operation and is not familiar with this area. He was wearing a blue harness and still has staples in. He is very shy and we are very worried about him.

If you have any information about where he might be please call 645968654 or 649364883

Ringo se ha perdido en Los Cristianos, entre la autopista y la carretera vieja que va de Los Cristianos a Guaza. Estaba en una casa de acogida tras ser operado, no conoce la zona. Lleva un arnes azul y grapas.

Es muy miedoso, en caso de conocer alguna informacion sobre donde puede estar porfavor llamar a  645968654 o 649364883.

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