Category: Re-Homed Dogs & Cats


Hannah is a female puppy around 3 months old, she is very friendly and cuddly. She is the black/brown one. Hannah is now reserved 🙂


Honda is a male puppy around 3 months old. He is very playful and loves cuddles. He is the dark beige one.


Harley is a male puppy around 3 months old, he will be a medium size adult. He is very friendly and playful but loves cuddles too. He is the light beige one  


Arthur is a male Podenco, he is around 3 months old. He is a little shy but does love a cuddle.


Isaac is a male staffie, around 3/4 years old. He is friendly and gets on with other females. Males will need to be tried.


Paris is a female, around 1 year old. She is a little shy but does want a fuss.


Schnee is a very friendly female, she is around 2-4 years old. Sadly she is positive for Leukemia, but in a healthy condition. March 2016 Schnee is a lucky girl she has a home in Austria and will be flying out …


18/07/2017 Gentle Giant, Hooch, suffered kidney failure and has sadly passed away. RIP, DEP lovely boy. Hooch is a large, mixed-breed dog, around 4 years old. He is friendly, great with people and good with most other dogs. Hooch is …

Mr Ed

Mr Ed, young adult, very friendly, loves cuddles.


  Stewie is a large, German Shepherd dog, around 5 years old. He is very friendly and likes company of people, he does get on with other dogs providing they are introduced slowly. stewis is currently in a foster home. …