Category: Re-homed dogs


Bob is a male, around 6 years old. He is a Caniche, so needs regular haircuts, but he doesn’t like them and is not cooperative. He is a friendly boy gets on with other dogs but not suited to small children.


Hunter is a male puppy around 5 months old, he will be a medium size adult. He is very friendly and cuddly.


Coco is a male dog 2.5 years old. He was in a family but due to no fault of his own has ended up in k9. He is a very friendly dog and great with others. He also just loves to …


Barbie is a large female mixed Presser. She is around 2 years old. She is very friendly and loving. Generally she is good with other dogs, but can have some she dislikes. She would be a great deterrent to keep …


Toni is a very small Caniche around 3/4kg. He came to k9 in a very bad state. He has an old broken bone injury to his back leg. But it has been decided, that no treatment is necessary he gets …


Joe is a male terrier, he is very friendly and well behaved. He is also fine with other dogs. He is around 2 years old


Healy is a male medium dog. He is friendly and gets on well with other dogs.


Doggett is a small female, she is around 5/6 years old. She is very friendly and loves people.


Chang is a little mixed Chihuahua, he is a very friendly little boy, loves cuddles. He is around 4/5 years old.  


Morello is a male, around 2 years old. He is very friendly small to medium size dog. He gets on with other dogs and is a very happy little boy. He has had a haircut, what a difference 🙂