Nyssa is approximately 5 years old. She is a large, mixed black dog. Unfortunately, Nyssa was abandoned at the k9 site overnight one day. She was in a very poor state, covered in fleas, very dirty and with large lesions from sitting on hard surfaces for years. It was also apparent than Nyssa had been used for breeding, as her nipples were large and deformed. Unfortunately, Nyssa has been diagnosed with heartworm, and therefore will receive full treatment while in our care.

Nyssa is a Greek name which symbolises new beginnings. Nyssa now has the opportunity to find a new home where she will be loved and can live peacefully. Nyssa was very shy upon entry to the refuge, but has since gotten much better. Nyssa requires an adopter with patience as to gain her trust. Nyssa has the potential to be a very affectionate and lovely dog.

If you would like to give Nyssa a second chance at life, why not come and meet her or call us on 667638468 for more information.

JULY 2018

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