Sponsor George

I’m George. I came to the refuge with my sister ten months ago, when we were only four months old. Our mum had no home and lived on the street in a town close to K9. People tried to take care of her as well as the two of us but she was not used to people at all was very scared and ran away. She was a good mum though.

When my sister and I came to the refuge we were terrified. Like our mum, we were very, very frightened of people. However, our people at K9 gave us time and space and very slowly we started to trust them a little. My sister was soon adopted by a lovely lady and went to stay in Germany. She is doing great. I am still very shy and scared of strangers but, little by little, I have grown to trust my people here. I will even take treats now but I still do not like to be touched. It’s just the way I am and doesn’t mean I’m not a happy dog. I think it will be hard for me to find my forever home as my family would have to take time and have lots of patience with me. That is quite a big ask I think. My people here say it will happen in time. We’ll see. For now, though, I’d love if you would be my sponsor.



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