Sponsor Hans

I’m Hans. I’m around about three years old and was left on my own outside the refuge nine months ago by my family. I don’t really understand why, as I am a good dog. I am very well behaved and have a kind nature. I don’t judge them, though, as maybe it was very difficult for them to leave me and there were things going on in their lives that I did not understand.

My people here at K9 say I am a typical gentle giant. I think they mean I am a big dog and have a sweet nature. I do get quite nervous when I meet people, especially men, I do not know and it takes me a little while to trust them. For example, when walkers come to the refuge to take my for a walk, I sometimes refuse to go out with them. I can’t help it, it’s just because of how my life has been in my earlier years. I think, though, this makes it harder for me to find my forever family. If only people would give me time to get to know them I would be the most loving and loyal companion. I realise, though, that this is a lot to ask  for in this busy world. I would love if you would sponsor me.



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