Bunty, Parker, Peter & Snooty

Bunty, Parker, Peter & Snooty are a sister and 3 brothers. They are small dogs, Caniche (poodle) cross, around 4 months old.

These lovely puppies were left at the refuge overnight and appear to have been with a family until recently. They are friendly and bright puppies and would make great companions.

Bunty, the female, is white and on the left of the photo of the four. Her brothers are: Peter, dark tan, second from left; snooty, light tan/beige, on the right at the front; and Parker, white/beige, on the right at the back.

If you can offer any of these young guys a loving, safe and secure home, please contact us or come along and visit us any day of the week.

** Update 26/06/2017 Parker has found his forever home😊

** Update 17/07/2017 Bunty is reserved😊

June 2017