Sponsor Heidi

I’m Heidi. I am around six years old and, over four years ago, I was abandoned at the refuge by my previous family. I don’t know why. Maybe I grew to big for them or maybe they couldn’t cope with me in my teenage years. I am sad they couldn’t keep me but I make the most of my time here at K9.

My people here say I am such a good dog and they cannot understand why I keep being overlooked. I am told I have a lovely nature and get on so well with everyone. They also say I am very clever and I love to learn new things. I say that’s specially true when there are tasty treats involved as I do love my food. I would eat and eat and eat if I could! I asked my people here if maybe people were passing me by because maybe I’m not pretty enough. They said of course not and that I’m a beautiful dog and that, sometimes, it is just hard for big dogs like me to find my forever family. Maybe there is still time for that. I hope so. Will you please be my sponsor?



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