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I’m Wayne. I was found on the street in a local village and brought to K9. I was in a lot of pain at the time. My kind rescuer tried very hard to give me a home but, because of my pain, I could not get along with his other dog had to come back to the refuge. We then found out my pain is due to a spinal condition which needs an operation to make me better. At the same time we found out I was heartworm positive. It wasn’t the best of times but I am quite a calm chap and stoic about these things. There is no point in moaning and feeling sorry for myself.

My people here have found me a wonderful foster home with a lovely lady. It is quiet and peaceful and I get to go nice short walks, which is all I can manage while I have this problem in my spine. My heartworm has been treated successfully already and now lots of kind people are fund-raising for my surgery. It is quite expensive I believe but they tell me not to worry, we’ll get there. In the meantime, I need special medicine and painkillers and that is why I am a sponsor dog. I would love if you would be my sponsor buddy.


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