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I’m Hooch. I’m six years old and have been here at the refuge for almost one year. I didn’t have a great start in life. My owner didn’t look after me very well and, in the end, some kind people rescued me from a cave in the hills where I was living with very little food and water. I am very glad about that as I think I would have died if I had been left there much longer. You wouldn’t think so to see me now but I was so thin and in very poor condition when I arrived at K9. My people here took care of me and, over time, I put on weight and my health improved.

I am very big dog and called Hooch because I look like the dog that was in the film, Turner and Hooch. I like to think I am more handsome than him, though. My people here at the refuge say I certainly am and that I am a gentle giant and very easy going. I know I’m a favourite with my walkers as they always ask to take me out with them, which I love. No-one has shown any interest in taking me home with them, though. I guess that’s because of my size. Also, I have to admit, I can slobber quite a lot. I can’t help it, it’s because of my size. Perhaps that puts people off adopting me? All I know is I’d be a very loving and loyal companion if someone would only give me a chance. Will you please be my sponsor?



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