Sponsor Ella

I’m Ella. I’m eleven years old and have been at the refuge for nearly two years. My previous family had to return home to the UK and couldn’t take me with them. I don’t know why. I am still very sad about it but I make the best of my life here at K9.

I may be older but I am very spritely and active. I think I am a favourite with my people here at the refuge and I know my walkers love to take me out with them. However, none of the visitors seem to want to take me home. Perhaps it is because they prefer younger dogs. I guess I understand that but I am still young at heart! I can also be a little overwhelmed when there are lots if people around but my people at K9 say there are lots of quiet and peaceful homes out there for a good dog like me.  My people look after me well here but I really want to spend my older years in a cosy home with my own family. If that doesn’t happen, though, I’ll just get on with it as that’s what I do. I’d be delighted if you would be my sponsor buddy.



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