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I’m Tiny. I am six years old and was found tied to the gate of K9 one morning just over a year ago. It was soon after Christmas. I don’t know if I had done something wrong or if my family just didn’t want me any more. I was very sad for a while. I have got used to the refuge now, though, and have made some good friends here. It can get noisy, though, and that can get to be a bit too much for a quiet chap like me. My favourite thing is to go out with my walking people so I can chill and relax properly.

My people here at the refuge say I am so laid-back and well-behaved. They say I would be such a loving and devoted companion if someone would only give me a chance. A few visitors have seemed interested in me but so far it has come to nothing. I think it may be because if my size – I know I am a big dog. Or, perhaps, they don’t feel I’m handsome enough. Whatever it is, I try not to be sad about it. Maybe one day I will have my own forever family. Please will you be my sponsor?



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